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We have found the perfect shape for the Fingersurfboard. We have designed a leash and even a tiny piece of Fingersurf wax, making it much easier to make all those gnarly tricks that we haven’t discovered yet. 

Now everybody can be able to experience the feeling of surfing, no matter how far away from the beach you live .

Via con dios!

Fingersurfing was, like so many other good things, conceived on the backseat of a car. We were driving along in the flat danish countryside, dreaming ourselves away to a place with proper surf. We played with our hands out the window, putting different flat objects like pea pods under our fingers, imitating the surfmoves we had seen in Kauaii, Costa Rica, and Puerto Rico. Fingersurfing has come a long way since then.

© 2014 Fingersurfers

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