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The Invention of Fingersurfing

A little video with some nostalgic Fingersurfing down memory road


Fingersurfing the Alps

​​From flat Denmark to the mountains of the Alps, surfing is now possible anywhere in the world. Check out this video from when we zig zagged through the tallest peaks of Europe.

Fingersurfing on Kickstarter

​​​​Fingersurfing was, like so many other good things, lovingly conceived on the backseat of a car. And now, thanks to Kickstarter and the awesome backers from around the world, Fingersurfing can become a real thing.

Fingersurfing on Kickstarter

Do you have any questions about how to use a Fingersurfboard, then check out this little tutorial and you will become the Einstein of Fingersurfing.

Fingersurfing the Storm

On the 28. of oktober 2013, Denmark was struck by one of the biggest storms ever. When trees and powergrids go down, Fingersurf goes up!


Here is a little film chowing us pack thousands of fingersurfboards, when the first batch was finally ready to ride out.

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